• If necessity is the mother of all inventions, creativity is the father. I celebrate the power of the human imagination and its capacity to create great and beautiful things.

    - Sherwin Cunanan
    Web Designer
    Digital Artist
    Dad of the Year
    Invisible Man

    Get It? Web?

    Seriously though, I have been a web designer for more than 11 years and the one thing I learned is you can never stop learning because there's always a new way, new technology and new ideas that you can't ignore if you want to stay in the game.

    Anything Digital

    I have created digital art since I started learning to use the computer. I used Paint, WordArt feature of MS Word and the early version of Photoshop. I also create animated art using Flash and even animated gifs.

    Proud Daddy

    Coming from two wonderful kids and their mother that mean the world to me. They are my life and inspiration that keeps me moving forward.

    Cool Stuff

    I have no deeper meaning for this one. Just a cool stuff that my kids love seeing when they click the button.

  • I was given Sherwin's name and told he was an excellent graphic designer. I contacted him with my request for a logo, and within a few days, I had several to choose from. Although they were all outstanding designs, the one I chose fits the essence of my small business and gives me the uniqueness I was looking for. Thank you so much, Sherwin!! You are truly an artist!

    Treva Maricle Owner/Operator at Treva Maricle Court Reporting, Inc.

    I've had the pleasure of working with Sherwin in helping me to build my company Website. What had taken me months to try to accomplish became a reality in less than 30 days. Thanks, Sherwin, for helping me on the road to building a Web presence for my company!

    Leigh Ann Orozco Owner-Certified Shorthand Reporter No. 7607

    Sherwin delivered a professional website in a very short period of time; he responded well to comments and suggestions and could regularly be counted on to add his own innovative suggestions. He delivered great value in terms of cost and time to completion. Don't hesitate to hire him!!

    Bill Taylor Real Estate Investor

    Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I try to do a lot of the "little" things myself. Thus, I showed an "idea" to a friend who generally liked the concept, but suggested that if I used someone who "did this for a living," it might make both me and my company look a lot better, and the "concept" might be easier to understand by many more people.

    Sherwin (being outside the United States) leverages both his geographic location and the internet to strategically provide top notch results, with significant economy.

    He's not free, but he knows his craft, and is no match for the "do it yourself" entrepreneur. As they say, the side of the road is littered with people who thought they could do things themselves. The next level requires something better - and if the next level is graphic design, Sherwin Cunanan is your man!

    Gary Capolino Owner, The Part-Time CFO, Inc.

    Sherwin is a amazing artist with technical talent that can make any company look great with his abilities.

    Rich Keller Chairman of 1-800-Battery

    Sherwin is a website designer extraordinaire! His creativity makes all his sites unique. I would recommend Sherwin if its a great website you need.

    Floremee Porter Account Manager at NorthgateArinso
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